The Hubway. Redesigning the mobility system for future urban areas.

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The Hubway

Redesigning the mobility system for future urban areas

WORK | CONCEPT | 05.2012
The HUBWAY is a idealistic redesign of our future mobility system. That is, the way we move from A to B in densely populated future urban areas. It is based one ‘simple’ principle: absolute open mobility. It combines shared personal mobility with public transport, creating one open mobility system. Basically all forms of transportation are accessible to anyone, anytime.

Breaking with the paradigm of owning our means of transport and replacing it with mobility as a service has huge implications for urban planning, architecture and product design. For instance, the way the public domain is organized, the role buildings play, where and how transport is offered and what shape or features cars, motorcycles and bikes would have.

This is the framework for the HUBWAY. It is an extreme design standpoint to create new concepts for all three fields of design. Fields that, in my opinion, can benefit tremendously from an integrated approach.


Design principles

All means of transport are available to anyone.

Easy accessible from any location, physically and digitally.



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Urban planning | Architecture | Product design


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