Cohere, the smart charger. Developing the next generation electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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COHERE and the smart charger

Developing the next generation electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Cohere is a start-up company in the e-mobility industry. It considers electric vehicles to be the starting point and accelerator of large scale adoption of (locally produced) sustainable energy.

As service provider of charging infrastructure and tech development company it combines the best products and cutting edge technology to make the highest impact in the fast growing e-mobility market.


SEM*, the smart charger. Charging electric vehicles faster, cheaper and on renewable energy.

Smart Charging is an innovation in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles; charging based on the available (sustainable) energy.

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SEM, building the brand identity.

New set of icons for presentations and website (

SEM logo design, SEM HOME visuals.

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From prototype to certified consumer product.

3D print for the prototype casing.

Testing and refining.

Creative workshops for new feature development.

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Generating business with new marketing strategy

Flyers for car dealers and business partners.

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